Script for new animation

Here is a preview of the script for our new animation!  We need a sponsor to help us create it - do get in touch if you can help :-) Title Imagine the Unimaginable! Version 3 Date 24th April 2016 Style Animation film   Dramatis Personae Character Notes Jack A child Jill A child [...]

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How A Commons Society Builds A Resilient Town

A local or regional Commons Society creates a domestic economy in which everyone involved  is personally invested – whatever their role. Sharing surplus profit in the right way creates transformative virtuous circles of motivation, investment and capability through a whole new level of civil society funding. Imagine a town where… schools; doctor’s surgeries; complementary health [...]

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Building the Wellbeing Economy Through A New Economic Model

THE PROBLEM WE ARE ADDRESSING An economic system that has been described as "unstable, unsustainable, unfair and unhappy" (i) OUR PROJECT The Commons Society is a new model of company ownership, finance and distribution that addresses each of the above dysfunctions. It is a re-imagination of the mutual ownership tradition of Great Britain. We are [...]

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10 Reasons to Leave Your Company to Your Workers When You Retire

It’s a once-in-a-generation opportunity: Selling to employees can yield a better price, preserve a legacy, keep jobs and profits local—and maybe even eradicate inequality. Thus is one way that a Commons Corporation can grow. Rob Brown posted Nov 13, 2015 reposted from YES magazine This article is part of New Economy Week, a collaboration between [...]

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Imagine if you were part of a community that had almost unlimited resources to invest in community assets, people and nature Imagine new kinds of businesses and ‘banks’ being the heroes of society because of the real wealth and wellbeing they create for everyone! Imagine businesses being so much part of the community that customers [...]

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Distributing power – the underlying conceptual insight for the Commons Corporation

The hypothesis driving our project is that if power is truly shared then the natural capacity of people to collaborate can be relied on to ensure success. Power attracts fear and desire – ultimate accountability rests with the top boss in any system. National politicians must claim to be powerful, must accept accountability, otherwise they [...]

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