Distributing power – the underlying conceptual insight for the Commons Corporation

The hypothesis driving our project is that if power is truly shared then the natural capacity of people to collaborate can be relied on to ensure success. Power attracts fear and desire – ultimate accountability rests with the top boss in any system. National politicians must claim to be powerful, must accept accountability, otherwise they [...]

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Dartington November 2014

The Elysia Commons team held an event on Friday 7th of November to launch the Commons to a wider group of people and introduce the idea of the investment fund that is the financial driving force of the Commons Corporation.  There will be more on that soon, but for now, here is the keynote presentation in which the fundamental [...]

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A Commons Corporation: Harnessing the creativity of enterprise and private ownership for the common good

A commons corporation is a new economic model that represents an evolutionary step beyond both social enterprise and corporate social responsibility. It has been variously described as a form of sustainable capitalism and a ‘perpetual wellbeing machine’. Although it has existed in prototype mode for sometime,  the first version of a commons corporation, The Elysia [...]

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Introductory Animation

A simple powerpoint animation giving an overview of the Civil Ecology Corporation (also known as Commons Corporation).  It fits with the music here (clicking opens another tab and starts the music, then come back to this tab and click play to get the full effect)!  

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