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Here is a preview of the script for our new animation!  We need a sponsor to help us create it – do get in touch if you can help 🙂


Imagine the Unimaginable!




24th April 2016


Animation film


Dramatis Personae

Character Notes


A child


A child

Mr Big, later becomes Mr Bountiful

A businessman.  He does a good job, he’s not greedy or
stupid, but his life is impacted by the logic of the system he’s in.  In a system that is one-side he can’t
help but be Mr Big and in a system that is balanced he naturally becomes Mr
Bountiful.  This isn’t a story of
his redemption, it’s a story of how you need to operate in a human system to
be able to behave humanly.


A soft, gentle, intelligent voice
but also inner strength through having wisdom.  An urban Lancashire / East Midlands




Stage Directions


Act 1





Let’s imagine the unimaginable…


Music throughout in same theme,
prob jazz but maybe reggae


Let’s imagine that everything is
nearly exactly just right… but not quite…




What is the shift we need, the
slight change in direction, what’s the apparently unimaginable thing that
would make everything unimaginably better?




We all know that in nationalized
industries the government is in control and the government gets the
profit.  We also know that the
shareholder in private industry is, likewise, both in control and the ones
who get the profit.

Nationalised = cloth caps and Ford
Capri – picket lines


Private = flash pharma – wealth



In both cases the beneficiary of
the profit is in control – it’s actually one sided – but there are two
dimensions – profit and control. 
It’s like a see-saw, look, here’s Jack and Jill, both sitting on the
same side of the see-saw and they push up with their legs and BANG down they
come with a bump, and they push up and BANG down they come with a bump.


See saw graphic, both Jack and
Jill sitting at one end.



But they aren’t stupid, Jack and
Jill, they can see the error of their ways and Jack is dispatched to the
other end of the see-saw and now it’s fun, they go up and down gently,
there’s a rhythm, time to enjoy the ride.


See saw graphic, sitting either
end and having fun.

Fun music starts to play – not
childrens’ but jazzy


But this is the ride of our
economic of life, because in our society, we insist on all sitting on the
same side of the see-saw and we go up and BANG we fall down.  There’s no time, there’s no fun, just
a great big push and up we go then BANG down we come again.

Fade Jack and Jill to Mr Big
sitting on side of the see-saw on his big seat amongst a huge pile of money
going up and down in rhythm with a graphic of an economic graph of boom and
bust over-imposed to show that this is why we cycle so violently.

Foreboding music


So, we say, let’s sit each
end!  Let’s spread the
weight!  It just makes sense…

Bright idea light bulb graphic

A burst of noise / music


On this side of the see-saw we
have “profit” and on this side “control”.  Now there are balancing forces.  Oh dear, Mr Big wants to stay with the
money, but he has to go to the end – go on Mr Big, who’ll like it when you
get there.

Graphic of Mr Big sliding unexpectedly
down to the other side of the see-saw and looking rather surprised.

Whistle sound


Nationalised or public ownership
is fair because it’s held in common and private enterprise is great because
it is effective.  With the profit
held in common and the control held privately it’s WIN WIN – fair and
effective!  Look now – Mr Big is
having fun – him at one end and the big pile of money at the other!

Graphic shows Mr Big having fun.

Really groovy jazz


Oh dear the pile of money is
getting bigger and bigger, the more Mr Big enjoys himself and now it’s too
heavy for him.

Mr Big ends up with his legs
dangling in the air

Discordant industrial theme


But it’s OK again, because there
goes the money, off to do good – it belongs to the Commons y’see
there it goes flying away to pay for education, health, conservation
– and all sorts of important things. 
And now Mr Big can have fun again!  Not so much Mr Big anymore, more Mr
Bountiful hey?!

Money goes flying off to various
places that flash up and go and the money pile gets smaller and Mr Big can
carry on see-sawing

Jazz with trumpet or sax toots for
all the good things being done


So what’s it like working for Mr
Bountiful, compared to working for Mr Big?  Mr Big had something to hide – all
that money – but Mr Bountiful – he’s doing good and he’s on the same side as
everyone else, see, working for Mr Bountiful’s a bit different, ‘cause with
nothing to hide, Mr B’s able to trust and we can trust him easier too…

Mr Big at his chair with a door


Mr Bountiful in amongst everyone
else. NB Mr Big and Mr Bountiful are the same graphic.

Rolling groove


All that’s needed to bring this
about is a Commons Society (a sort of trust, like the National Trust but for
companies instead of houses and land) that will distribute the profit into
the community fairly and wisely and stop this here, Mr Bountiful reverting
back to Mr Big, he’s a clever fellow and there’s a lot of money flying off
the other end of the see-saw don’t forget…

Represent Commons Society with graphics
of schools, culture, health centres



The thing is, nobody is in control
of everything, but everyone is controlling something!  It’s delegation – real delegation – a
network of companies and all the activities they are supporting – its a
Commons Society – and power and responsibility are everywhere and everyone
knows how they are helping each other.

Graphic of a network of lights, at
first with a few big ones, changing to lots of small ones.

Poop poop groove, busy but not
loud or crazy – happening but not frantic.


Whether it’s the worker in Mr
Bountiful’s factory or the teacher in the classroom, everyone knows just what
they are contributing to the common good.

Flash back to Scene 14, the images
of schools, culture and health centres.



The funny thing is, these days, it’s
just the same really, but there’s the government in between so the money
comes from us, from our taxes, and it goes through the government and pays
for the teacher in the classroom!

Government shown as clunky machine
with smoke and steam belching out. Tax in [big arrow] and then little pipes
feeding out to teachers, doctors, artists. Use graphics like NHS, Arts
Council etc

Bring back discordant industrial


So in the Commons Society we’re
putting the money from our success, our profit, directly into our services
and we aren’t taking the money from no-one neither, it’s not being taxed,
it’s the surplus profit! 

Graphic to show a clean efficient
situation with money [shown as water] coming from companies that are
connected in and flowing out to schools, health centres and culture [slide

Rolling groove


And in the Commons Society there
isn’t a great consolidation of power because they can’t sack Mr Bountiful,
he’s in control of his company.

Graphic to show two looming
monsters standing behind Mr B, labelled “Gov” and “Shareholders” with big
lines through them banishing them.

Music feels purposeful and safe


In the Commons Society the power
doesn’t accumulate as cash because the money gets spent all the time.

Graphic to show stock exchange and
profits pouring into a bank account with a big line through it.

Music says “no no we don’t need


In the Commons Society companies
stay independent – they don’t get bought up and gathered together and so
there are more proper bosses in more smaller companies

Swanky Group HQ penthouse suite
hiring and firing CEOs with a big line through it.

Music says “no no we don’t need


Every Mr and Mrs Bountiful works
to make the most success he or she can, and that’s for the long term, because
the Commons Society can’t sell his company off!  Not likely, that company is providing
a lot of helpful profit and a lot of jobs helping all in the Commons.

Use graphic from slide 15 with the
brightness of the lights changing in a way, so that it looks like movement,
and overall gradually getting brighter.

Music really lifts to a happy
place, light and fun


In the Commons Society companies
are run for the long term… which brings stability and security.

Graphic of 25 Year’s Service
certificate in a picture frame.

For he’s a jolly good fellow


And the wealth gap doesn’t grow
and grow because the companies belong to everyone not just to the Mr and Mrs
Bigs of the world.

Do a graphic with a progression of
cars growing in size, then boats of different sizes and put lines through the
biggest car and the biggest boats.

Music fades and reverts to the
rolling groove

Act 2


Fade to white through to next



You might be wondering about how
the Commons Society spends the money so wisely.

Graphic of money flying off the



Well, it’s another see-saw…

See saw appears



No, not like that, it’s more fun
than that, it’s a three-way see-saw

See saw disappears and reappears
with 3 arms!

Slight fair-ground hint


There’s three things that need to
be looked after… fairness, productivity and caring…

Fairness = shaking hands

Productivity = stuff being made

Caring = teaching / nursing /

Settles back into the rolling


‘Cause if it’s not fair it isn’t
gonna work long term…

Busting up

“Oh no” poops


And if it isn’t productive it
ain’t gonna to work long term neither…

Production ground to a halt in a
boarded up factory

“So sad” chords


And if it doesn’t care, well,
what’s the point, we might as well stay where we are!

Someone homeless on the street

“Despair” wail


So in the Commons Society fairness
means that some of the profit is shared with the people that made it to say
thank you. 

Graphic of two co-workers and a
speech bubble saying “careful with that, it’s your money, don’t forget…”

Click, click, that makes sense


And that’s handy, because it means
that the people that are doing the things that make money do themselves good
as they do everyone else good too, and the less they spend and the cleverer
they are and the more money then make then the more everyone gets too.  It’s win-win again – in the Commons
Society it’s got to be win-win or it isn’t the right idea!

Determined working to get
something done with profit pouring out and going out into the community but
some going back to the workers who’ve done the work making them smile and nod
to each other before turning happily back to work.

Rolling groove


And in the Commons Society
productivity means that some of the money is used to bring more companies
into the Commons Society – sharing the love, see!  And, helping companies to start up and
grow too, of course – ‘cos we need something to do the job those banks are
supposed to do!

Graphic to shrink the organization
graphic that’s been used which then multiples, with little pops!


Bank appears named “Peoples Bank”

Groove strengthens and gets a poop
for every new company


Caring, which is the real point of
the Commons Society!

Mr B with hand on co-workers
shoulder, smiling.

Feels good


Funny to think that so much needs
to happen just so that we can have more caring, but then, maybe that isn’t
funny, maybe that’s just what it is to be human.


And resolve!

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